Geek Market

And also special accents and places like:

Dealers Labyrinth

Finally a labyrinth in which you want to get lost. There’s a new surprise around every corner and a chest full of geeky treasure to be found every turn.
In this labyrinth you can find the best dealers and stores from all over the world. You are not lost, you are in The Dealers Labyrinth!

Vintage Ville

Quickly grab your Delorean Time machine because we go back in time to the roaring 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s in search of the beautiful objects and toys that were in the local toyshop back then.

Beautiful collectibles that stood the test of time can all be found in Comic Con France: Vintage Ville. Are you just interested in the history of Geek Culture or are you a passionate collector who is looking for that last weapon or MOC? At Comic Con France you can find it, because we take you back in time to Vintage Ville!

Japan Con Corner

Crazy about anime and manga?

No problem, because together with our good friends from Japan Con Brussels we have set up a special corner that focuses entirely on the wonderful world of Asian pop culture!

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