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Alias Iron Fist/danny Rand, Loras Tyrell, Deputy Sorrels,…

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👊Not only is our next guest one quarter of the Marvel superhero team The Defenders, he also stars in his own Marvel show ‘Iron Fist’!
If you don’t know him as the Iron fist then you definitely know him as Loras Tyrell in the iconic series Game of Thrones. Or did you see him as ‘Samuel Bowles’ in the cultseries ‘Dickinson’?
⚔️It’s impossible not to know this talented actor, whose versatility is unmatched – obviously we are talking about the talented Finn Jones.
Come shake the strongest hand in the universe at Comic Con France – he’ll be with us on both days – so come say hi.
  • Autograph price: €50
  • Photoshoot price: €50

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