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G.w Bailey

Alias Captain Harris

Achetez Billet Photoshoot

👮Everywhere we see Proctor, his good companion, Captain Harris, is always somewhere nearby.

deAnd it’s no different at Comic Con France, we’re proud to bring the other half of this hilarious comic duo to France for the first time!

Two heroes of the Police Academy: Proctor and his Captain Harris!

🎬We’re talking about G of course. W Bailey hanging out with his good friend both days.

*Not only did he play a major role in the success of Police Academy, but you may also know him as Luther Rizzo from the M*A*S*H TV series.

G.W.Bailey will be at Comic Con France on both days to meet all his fans!

  • Prix Autographe: 30 €
  • Prix Séance photo: 40 €
  • Duoshoot: Police Academy: G.w Bailey & Lance Kinsey : 80 €

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